Color Run 2014, Cleveland

05102014_ColorRun-1 05102014_ColorRun-2 05102014_ColorRun-3 copy 05102014_ColorRun-4 copy 05102014_ColorRun-5 copy 05102014_ColorRun-6 copy 05102014_ColorRun-7 copy 05102014_ColorRun-9 copy 05102014_ColorRun-10 copy 05102014_ColorRun-11 copy 05102014_ColorRun-13 copy 05102014_ColorRun-14 copy 05102014_ColorRun-15 copy 05102014_ColorRun-16 copy 05102014_ColorRun-17 copy 05102014_ColorRun-18 copy 05102014_ColorRun-19 copy 05102014_ColorRun-20 copy 05102014_ColorRun-21 copy 05102014_ColorRun-22 copy 05102014_ColorRun-23 copy 05102014_ColorRun-24 copy 05102014_ColorRun-25 copy 05102014_ColorRun-26 copy


2 thoughts on “Color Run 2014, Cleveland

    • Thanks! I shoot with a D4 and a 35mm 1.4, both of which have weather resistant seals due to o-rings so I didn’t worry too much about my camera. I did however put black gaff tape over all the seams and buttons I knew I would not use. When I got home I just blew the camera off with an air compressor, removed the gaff tape and wiped it down with a damp rag, it looks brand new!

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