A memory


The last survivor

I had to shoot an assignment last week involving a pit bull that was shot by the county dog warden. The story goes like this. The owner of the dogs, Howard, had six pit bulls. No one in the community had every filed any kind of complaint against the dogs. One night, while Howard and his girlfriend were in the process of moving to another town nearby, a thunderstorm happened. Four of the dogs got out of their pen to seek shelter from the thunderstorm. A neighbor called the sheriff and said that the dogs were running wild. So at around midnight the dog warden showed up with the sheriff and called Howard, who was at his other property with low cell phone service. All he heard was that it was the warden and he said something about his dogs. Howard rushed home as quick as he could and by the time he was there, the warden had shot all four dogs; one momma pit bull and her three pit bull puppies. All died except for one, Ringer, pictured below. He now walks with a limp. The mounds of dirt are where Howard buried the dogs behind his property. It makes me upset that just because a dog is a pit bull, people think they are vicious killers. I went in the pen with Ringer and Howards remaining two adult pits and all of them came playfully up to me and took turns licking my hands. They were very sweet and kind, not killers.