More Tornado Aftermath

This time I went out to Matheny Road in York Township, Ohio. It was the worst hit in last week’s storms and probably the most forgotten about.


From last week

I went to the Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio the other day last week. I think I went on the wrong day because there were hardly any people there but apparently the next day was the day to go. Oh well. I made this shot that I like for some reason. Thanks for looking.

Tornados hit Athens County

A tornado hit Athens County Thursday evening, apparently the last time this has happened was the early 1900’s. It makes sense, the topography of the area doesn’t really lend itself to favorable tornado conditions. Officials said that anywhere between 4-6 tornados touched down Thursday evening. Nelsonville got hit, as did the end of E. State Street, but The Plains got the worst of it. The devastation was massive but amazingly, no one was killed. Below are a selection of photographs from the night of the storm and the morning after. The community really pulled together and for the cleanup effort and to help each other out, which was awesome to see. I don’t have pictures of it, but one man told me that someone’s garage (he didn’t know whose) landed in-tact in his field. On another note, this was my first week as the photo editor for The Athens NEWS. Pretty exciting first week.